Comments from readers and experts:

Ever since the first books hit the stores and online shelves, I’ve received the most heart-warming reviews and direct messages on social media. A selection are shown (with the individual’s permission) below. 

"I recommend this colourful book for times when you'd like to feel happier. It starts with the cover! I've recommended the book in my professional career as psychologist. I'm a fan!"
Psychologist Saskia Geraerts 


“Are you going through a burnout, are you recovering or could a loved one use some additional support these days? Then we recommend this beautiful and helpful book!"
 'Best books of February' - Bedrock Magazine

4,5 STER  - DSM meisjes BLOG ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 

“One thing's for sure: for the next few weeks you’ll find me with a pen, Marieke's book and a blanket on the couch. Not because I have to for my mental health, but because I'm looking forward to some quality time with this beautiful book."
Book review by DSM Meisjes  


"The book is on the table in front of me right now, and I am so very happy with it. I’ll also be buying copies for two dear friends tomorrow. It’s the most fantastic book: so sweet and above all extremely comforting"
A follower on Facebook


" Three reasons to read this book: you’ll learn how to get through tough times, burnout or depression in a playful way, get tips on how to feel better, and learn to listen to your heart and your body."
Psychologist and writer Carien Karsten in 'Psychologie' Magazine (national magazine) 


" Wow! What a lovely book! Straight from the heart, full of love, encouraging, positive (even though it's about a negative situation), lovingly inspiring, and with plenty of practical exercises and tips. I would definitely recommend this book, even if you're not experiencing a severe burnout. Thank you!"


"A wonderful book full of space, light, beautiful drawings, honesty and personal experiences with which I could identify strongly. Marieke’s experiences and tips for overcoming depression are shared in a loving, light-hearted way. She is very encouraging, and her excellent tips, quotes and drawings made me smile. Relatable and beautiful!"


" I've gifted the book to a friend that went through rough times. She's really thankful and likes the honest and authentic way it's written. She recognised many situations and thoughts. The combination of powerful words and exercises gave her a great deal of support.

Even though I'm not suffering from depression, I've ordered more books for myself and my teams at work as it's so positive I can recommend it to anyone."


"Finally, a book that helps me through the days I don't see my psychologist. Nobody talks about this, but Marieke does! A lovely book for people that can use the extra support during times of burnout and depression!"


"The book is full of life lessons that are also relevant for people who aren’t suffer from burnout. Things like 'how to take care of yourself' – it’s really special!"

"This looks nice, I want a burnout!"
First reaction of our printer Wilbert

(who clearly has never experienced any form of anxiety, depression or burnout... it’s a heartfelt compliment from an expert on printed matter.)


I get so many loving messages every day but don’t always remember to share them, so please feel free to leave your own review or comment on the website. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!