Frequently Asked Questions (and answers):

Is the book also for children/young people?
Whilst I wrote it for the 35 year old me, the past years have showed me younger people also benefit from it. MIND Young Studio, the authority on mental health of young people in the Netherlands reviewed the book and gave it a… 10 (out of 10)! 
I know the book is being used by 15-16 years old and some youth therapists use the book (or parts of it) in their practice. When in doubt, watch the videos on the homepage or sign up for the newsletter, and immediately receive the first 20 pages of the book in your email for free!
What about older people?
The oldest reader I know of is 86 years old. She read the book with her daughter. Great! because it's never too late to feel better! So from 12 to 86 - a lot of 20-30 year olds, and I also know 50, 60 year olds who like the book so much. Because visual language knows no age. 
I want to give the book as a gift, but I don't know if it will be appreciated.
I understand that you find it difficult, the person you want to give it to is in a difficult time. I can only speak for myself when I say that when I was going through that time, I wish someone would have given me this book. It is often also about letting people know that you really want to help someone, but you can't always. So if you give it as a gift and say 'I don't know if this is for you too, but I often think of you and care for you, and I wish you feel better', it already means so much for them.  

I feel very bad. Is this book for me?
Dear you, how very annoying that you’r going through this! Remember that you’re not alone: I've been through this situation myself. This book is definitely for you! However, it is important that the book is never a substitute for a great psychologist or coach, someone to talk to. This is also mentioned in the book, asking for professional help was one of the first steps for me! Your GP can refer you, and you can also take a look at the national mental health organisation for professional, psychological and psychosocial help. 
For NL it’s, UK, USA and in Australia Find a helpline in your country on Find a Helpline.

I'm not depressed, but I'm not feeling well. Is this book for me?
Of course! I often get enthusiastic reactions to the book from people who use it when they suffer from unwanted feelings. They really use the book to recover! And even friends and colleagues who feel good about themselves draw inspiration from it. In short: if it appeals to you, give it to yourself.


I have PTSD / Long-term depression / HSP, is this book for me...?
People ask me: is this book also for me because I have .... (e.g. PTSD / long-term depression / Autism / ADD /HSP and many others). And although every person and feeling is different, I’ll tell you: if the book appeals to you, it is for you! I made the book for myself (depression, anxiety, burn-out, I've had all the labels), but found that a lot of the same principles work to make you feel better mentally no matter what you 'have'. And by now thousands of people are dealing with multiple depressions, PTSD, autism, HSP, traumas.. and they send me super sweet messages and ‘thank you’ because it works. Finally, a word from the professionals: the book is recommended and used by psychologists, the MIND Foundation (the institute for mental health in the Netherlands) recommended the book to its 130,000 members, DSM girls (Netherlands) also in their blog, and the book received a 10 (out of 10) from HooggevoeligHeelGewoon (NL organisation) . (and this is just the tip of the iceberg.)

The most important thing is you. And how you feel. And if you want to read how to accept what you're in, find structure, make a contingency plan and slowly recover - know this book is for you. With hope, confidence and lots of love. Because one thing I know for sure: you are not alone. We do it together. Still unsure? Then take a look at the videos about the book on the homepage of or sign up for the newsletter, and immediately receive the first 20 pages of the book in your email for free!
My question is not listed.
Then you can always contact me!